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Film-Obras De Arquitectura


Understanding the complexity of the production process of architecture has made our group flexible. Our team addresses this issue as a whole, from the draft of the object to the abstract idea of what the completed work will look like. If you look at our work you will see how this premise or goal of controlling all the steps on the way to production of a work of architecture does not limit the number of possible approaches open to us but, on the contrary, in-depth knowledge of the theme as a whole opens up an infinite panorama of ideas and ways of implementing them. The decisions are not all made at the outset of the design process, but are developed and acquire substance both during preparation of the project documentation and during construction.

Conceptual development:
Investigation and production are complementary processes; academic activity becomes permanent updating and development of new ideas. University studies provide ongoing professional development for Group members and their assistants, bringing benefits for optimisation of the cultural value of the work.

Design parameters:
-          Simplicity; a formally simple, round structure with complex content.
-          Austerity; achieving the most with the least resources.
-          Sustainability; responsible manipulation and transformation of what is available to us.
-          Amenity; the constant search for spaces destined to improve our habitat.

Carlos Fernández – Jorge Isaías – Gabriel Lanosa – Claudio Maslat

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