Close to Japan

Tokio, Japan,

We sent this solidarity letter to our architect friends in Japan. 

These are the answers we are slowly receiving. Leave a comment as well

Close to Japan We sent this solidarity letter to our architect friends in Japan.
These are the answers we are slowly receiving. Leave a comment as well

Dear friends
In Italy, all we are very shocked by the news about the big quake and?tsunami coming from your country.?
We hope you are all safe and we hope so for your parents and friends.
We pray because you will be strong, coragius and sympathize with yourself.??

From Italy we don't know how we can support you now: now you need?water and food but it is very hard to find the right channel to bring?this stuffs to you.?
Maybe we could support you in the future: we think that the "night" ?will be long. But we will turn the light on for you.

We hope to hear you safe as soon as possible.??


Floornature staff

Answer from the EASTERN design office

Thank for your kind message, Paolo, Agnese, Betty e Mara.

We are in Kyoto, relatively safe area. So I am fine and staffs and? friends and families are all fine.

...I feel big pain to the hurt people and lost land. In additon, I worry about nuclear very very very much. I don't know what will happen. Hope to safe.

Now all I do is to check the broadcast and to work everyday task.

Thank you again

Anna Nakamura
EASTERN design office.,Inc.
E-mail: eastern@sweet.ocn.ne.jp
HP: www.eastern.e-arc.jp

Answer from the Kimihiko Okada

Dear friends

Thanks for caring about us.
My family, close friends and I are all safe.
Though we have friends in that damaged area, fortunately the tsunami...did not reach them.
Most of the damages seemed to have been the cause of the unbelievably powerful tsunami.

Best Regards,Kimihiko Okada

?Office of Kimihiko Okada
tel 81-3-5459-6036 fax 81-3-5459-6037 e-mail okada@ookd.jp
?153-0042 3-18-10, 201, Aobadai, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN

Answer from the Kazunori Fujimoto Architect

Dear Paolo

I am glad received your mail, thank you very much. And I am sorry too late.
I and my family is safe because my area is far from seismic center.
But in Tohoku district, the damage is too big and the nuclear power plant has a serious problem.

Now all Japanese unite for the future.
Ten days passed, we have begun to calm down.

Thank you very much for your kindness.
Kazunori Fujimoto Architect


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